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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions at HeroCamper.

Where can I purchase a Hero Camper Ranger? Hero Camper US LLC is the exclusive dealer of the Hero Camper in the United States and is located in Prescott, Arizona.

How does the purchase of a Hero Camper work? Simple!  The first step is to place a $500 fully, refundable deposit on the Hero Ranger you want to purchase based on color and accessory level.  We will then open direct communication to determine the method of payment, upgrades, and delivery.

Do you offer financing? We have several financing partners who can help you get into your own Hero Camper Ranger with programs based on your specific financial situation. We are also happy to work with your own bank as many owners prefer to finance through an institution they already have a relationship work.

What is the warranty? Hero Camper provides you with a Two-Year bumper to bumper warranty.

How can I see a Hero Camper in person? We have several options.  You can visit us in Prescott, Arizona (by appointment only), attend one of the many shows and pop-ups we bring model units to, or find an owner through the online community that would love to show off their Ranger.  If none of those work, we would be happy to schedule a convenient video walk through to show off the Ranger and answer all your questions.

I don’t live near Arizona.  Can you ship my camper to me? While Prescott, Arizona is the perfect place to launch your very first road trip, shipping is an option as well.  We do not ship ourselves but can help you find the best company to work with.  We will meet with the transporter you choose to make sure your delivery goes smoothly.

​What if I need parts for the Hero Camper? Hero Camper warehouses parts at our location in Arizona.  We ship these parts for both retail and warranty service.

How do I get warranty service if I don’t live near Hero Camper US? If you do not live within driving distance of Hero Camper US, the manufacturer has agreed to work with RV repair shops and mobile mechanics.  Once Hero Camper approves your service, we will work directly with the service provider of your choice to provide parts and technical support when needed.

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